Africa’s Data Experts Gather in Nairobi to Boost Collaboration on Privacy

Africa Data Conference

Next week, data experts from all over Africa will meet in Nairobi to talk about important issues and work together to improve data protection systems for the continent. This gathering, known as the 9th Network Of Africa Data Protection Authorities conference, aims to make more people aware of the importance of data protection and encourage meaningful discussions on this crucial topic.

Emmanuel Kimeu, the secretary of ICT in the Ministry of Information, Communication, and The Digital Economy, highlighted the significance of this event for Kenya. He mentioned that it’s a great opportunity to show Kenya’s strong commitment to data protection. The conference will bring together experts from various sectors like the public and private sector, civil society, NGOs, and development partners. They will share their experiences and discuss the latest trends in personal data protection.

Kimeu also emphasized that having stakeholders from the technology and data protection sectors involved will help improve the implementation of effective data protection frameworks. This conference aims to promote data sharing across Africa, foster partnerships, collaboration, and enhance best practices in data protection.

Kenya has been actively involved in promoting international cooperation and ensuring compliance with data protection standards. In May 2021, Kenya joined the Network of Data Protection Authorities (NADPA-RAPDP) through the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC). Currently, Niger holds the NADPA-RAPDP Presidency, and Angola serves as the 2nd Vice-President. Furthermore, Kenya’s Data Commissioner was elected as the First Vice-President of the NADPA-RAPDP Council, starting from August 2023.

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