M-Pesa and Dahabshiil Forge Landmark Deal to Simplify Remittances for Ethiopians Abroad

Mpesa Dahabshill Agreement

M-Pesa, a leading mobile money service, has signed an agreement with Dahabshiil, a major money transfer firm, to facilitate direct remittances to Ethiopia. This move is set to enhance financial inclusion and ease the money transfer process for Ethiopians living abroad.

Convenient Remittances
The collaboration aims to simplify how the Ethiopian diaspora sends money home, offering a reliable, instant option. With Dahabshiil’s extensive network in over 100 countries, M-Pesa users will benefit from an established, efficient service. Dahabshiil has been a cornerstone in cross-border money transfers for nearly 50 years, reinforcing its trustworthiness and reach.

Strategic Advantage
By integrating with M-Pesa, Dahabshiil strengthens its position in Ethiopia, leveraging M-Pesa’s robust financial infrastructure. “We are thrilled to partner with M-Pesa Ethiopia, providing our diaspora clients another channel to support their families,” stated Musse Mohamed, Dahabshiil’s Ethiopia representative.

Growing Subscriber Base
Since its launch in Ethiopia, M-Pesa has attracted over 3 million subscribers. Collaborations with key players like Dahabshiil are crucial for boosting financial inclusion in the country. Anthony Kang’ethe, M-Pesa’s Acting Chief Digital Finance Officer, emphasized, “Partnering with Dahabshiil aligns with our vision of driving financial inclusion and economic development.”

Economic Context
The World Bank reported that remittance inflows to Africa exceeded $50 billion last year, with Ethiopia contributing $5 billion. This partnership aims to capture a significant portion of this market, positioning both companies competitively against other financial service providers.

Market Liberalization
Since 2022, Ethiopia has been liberalizing its economy, starting with the telecom sector. This liberalization, combined with a large unbanked population, presents a substantial opportunity for digital wallets and fintech companies. Ethiopia’s efforts to open its economy could catalyze further growth in mobile financial services.

Key Takeaways

  • Partnership Impact: The M-Pesa and Dahabshiil partnership simplifies remittances for the Ethiopian diaspora, enhancing financial inclusion.
  • Strategic Benefits: Leveraging Dahabshiil’s network, M-Pesa strengthens its market presence in Ethiopia.
  • Economic Potential: Ethiopia’s high remittance inflows and economic liberalization offer significant opportunities for digital financial services.

This collaboration is a strategic move for both M-Pesa and Dahabshiil, aiming to enhance financial accessibility and support economic development in Ethiopia.

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