Nigerian Fintech Africhange Launches in the UK, Revolutionizing Nigerian Remittances


Africhange, a Nigerian fintech company, has launched its operations in the UK. The company aims to meet the growing demand for convenient remittance services between the UK and Nigeria. This expansion marks a significant step for Africhange as it seeks to provide a seamless and cost-effective platform for money transfers across various regions.

Global Reach

Africhange allows users to send money across more than 100 corridors globally, covering Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa in major currencies. This wide reach makes it easier for people to send and receive money internationally, fostering financial connections worldwide.

Innovative Rewards Program

To incentivize users, Africhange plans to introduce ‘Afripoints’, a rewards program that offers discounts on transactions. This program aims to make the remittance process more affordable and appealing to users by providing tangible benefits for regular usage.

Strategic Expansion Plans

Following its UK launch, Africhange is setting its sights on further expansion into other African markets, with Kenya and Ghana as primary targets for later this year. This strategic move aligns with Africhange’s mission to broaden its services and reach more customers in need of reliable remittance solutions.

Founder’s Vision

David Ajala, the founder and CEO of Africhange, highlighted the company’s mission to deliver an exceptional global payment experience for Africans in the diaspora. He emphasized the importance of reducing the costs associated with sending money to ensure more funds reach the recipients. Ajala’s vision is to bridge the gap in the global transaction system and provide a platform that prioritizes seamless operations.

Supporting International Students

Africhange has proven to be particularly beneficial for international students who require a dependable platform for global payments. By offering discounts on rates, Africhange helps students manage their finances more efficiently, making international transactions less costly and more convenient.

Company Growth

Since its inception in 2020, Africhange has identified and filled significant gaps in the global transaction system. Its focus on seamless operations has enabled the company to grow rapidly, expanding its customer base without encountering major challenges. Currently, Africhange operates in Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, Ghana, and Australia.

Future Prospects

Africhange’s future plans include expanding its services and reaching more customers worldwide. The company aims to ensure that everyone can benefit from cost-effective and seamless international money transfers. With its ambitious plans and customer-centric approach, Africhange is poised to become a leading player in the global remittance market.

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