Capital Markets Authority Arvaco Registration

CMA Approves Arvocap Unit Trust Scheme, Expands Investment Opportunities

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has approved the registration of the Arvocap Unit Trust Scheme under the Capital Markets Act and the Collective Investment Schemes Regulations of 2001. This scheme includes 10 sub-funds: “Collective investment schemes allow retail investors to easily enter the capital markets. They help grow the customer base and democratize wealth,” said…

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Imperial Citizenship

Imperial Citizenship Expands into Africa, Targeting Wealthy Investors

Dubai-Based Imperial Citizenship sets its newest venture in Africa targeting wealthy investors. Imperial Citizenship, a firm based in Dubai that specializes in helping investors get a second citizenship or residency through investments, has opened a new office in Lagos, Nigeria. This move aims to take advantage of Africa’s growing population of wealthy individuals looking for…

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money market funds

Money Market Funds In Kenya: A Guide

Money Market Funds (MMFs) have become incredibly popular investment options in Kenya. They’re attractive because they invest in safe and highly liquid assets like cash equivalents, government securities, and high-quality debt instruments, offering better returns than traditional savings accounts. Let’s dive into what you need to know about MMFs. Understanding Money Market Funds Imagine a…

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