CMA Approves Arvocap Unit Trust Scheme, Expands Investment Opportunities

Capital Markets Authority Arvaco Registration

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has approved the registration of the Arvocap Unit Trust Scheme under the Capital Markets Act and the Collective Investment Schemes Regulations of 2001.

This scheme includes 10 sub-funds:

  1. Money Market Fund
  2. Ngao Fixed Income Distribution Fund
  3. Almasi Fixed Income Accumulation Fund
  4. Eurofix Fixed Income Special Fund (USD)
  5. Thamani Equity Fund
  6. Africa Equity Special Fund
  7. Global Equity Special Fund
  8. Multi-Asset Strategy Special Fund (USD)
  9. Global Sharia Equity Special Fund (USD)
  10. Mabruk Sharia Special Fund (KES)

“Collective investment schemes allow retail investors to easily enter the capital markets. They help grow the customer base and democratize wealth,” said CMA CEO Wyckliffe Shamiah.

The CMA expects the value of assets under management to grow by nine percent in 2025, up from three percent growth in 2022, thanks to the appeal of these investment vehicles.

Since 2020, the CMA has licensed 22 new fund managers, showing strong market interest. The CMA has also approved new sub-funds within existing unit trust schemes, including:

  • Old Mutual Special Fixed Income Fund
  • NCBA Global Equity Special Fund
  • Global Fixed Income Special Fund
  • KCB Wealth Fund (Special Fund)
  • Jubilee Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Jubilee Enhanced Fixed-Income Special Fund

These approvals are permanent unless revoked by the firm or the Authority. This brings the total number of registered collective investment schemes to 37.

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