Nairobi Coffee Exchange Enters New Era of Oversight by CMA

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In a groundbreaking move, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) is set to undergo a transformative shift under the watchful eye of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), heralding the emergence of The Coffee Exchange.

Kenya’s Ambitious Coffee Reforms Unveiled

Kenya’s ambitious coffee reforms are in full swing, marked by the comprehensive implementation of the Capital Markets (Coffee Exchange) Regulations. This strategic initiative aims to institute a robust marketing and trading mechanism within the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, fostering fair and transparent trading practices. Additionally, the reforms strive to bolster price discovery mechanisms, ensuring substantial benefits for coffee farmers.

CMA Act Amendment: Paving the Way for Regulation

To fortify its role in overseeing commodity markets, including the coffee sector, the Capital Markets Authority Act has undergone revisions. This pivotal amendment empowers the regulator to effectively supervise the coffee commodity market in Kenya, aligning with the broader coffee reforms agenda.

This significant development brings an end to a prolonged dispute over jurisdiction between the CMA and the Coffee Directorate. The question of who holds the ultimate authority in matters pertaining to the operations of the NCE is now decisively answered, with the CMA poised to assume regulatory responsibilities.

Transition Management: A Dedicated Task Force

The transition process of the Nairobi Coffee Exchange into The Coffee Exchange is entrusted to a specialized task force appointed by the Cabinet Secretary for Co-operatives and Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises, Hon Simon Chelugui. This team, comprised of eminent members including Kenneth Gitonga, Peter Githinji Njuki, Augustus Kipkoech Chepkurwo, and six others, is tasked with steering the transition seamlessly.

The appointed task force is scheduled to operate for a duration of 12 months, concluding on 7th December 2024, with provisions for an extension if deemed necessary. The operational hub for the task force will be established at Social Security House, the ministry headquarters, ensuring a centralized and efficient approach.

Secretariat to Ensure Smooth Operations

To facilitate the seamless execution of the transition, a dedicated Secretariat has been established. This unit holds the responsibility of providing comprehensive background briefings, interpreting policies, developing and implementing programs, preparing reports, and conducting essential research.

The Nairobi Coffee Exchange’s transition into The Coffee Exchange under CMA supervision marks a pivotal moment in Kenya’s coffee industry. With a focus on transparency, fair trading, and benefitting coffee farmers, these reforms are poised to redefine the landscape of the coffee market in the country.

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