AI Surge: Mitsumi Distribution’s Healthcare Revolution in Kenya

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Mitsumi Distribution’s Big Move to Boost AI in Kenya’s Healthcare Industry is something to take note of.

Mitsumi Distribution is a major player in IT, telecoms, and enterprise distribution across Africa and the Middle East, is leading the charge in making the region fully AI-capable.

In a groundbreaking move aimed at expanding AI adoption across different sectors, Mitsumi Distribution has teamed up with Dell Technologies to organize workshops focusing on Artificial Intelligence, especially in healthcare.

Mr. Arshad Farhad, Chief Technology Officer for Dell Technologies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa’s Healthcare & Lifesciences sector, discussed various AI technologies during the recent inaugural workshop. He emphasized Generative Artificial Intelligence and the essential skills, privacy concerns, and transformative potential these technologies hold for Kenya’s healthcare system and Africa overall. “AI aims to improve clinicians’ abilities and outcomes, not replace them,” he stated.

Mr. Rajveer Shah, Director at Mitsumi Distribution, expressed the company’s commitment to leveraging AI for transformation across multiple African sectors like healthcare, finance, governance, and public services. “We’re ready to use our expertise and resources to help industries embrace AI and maximize its benefits,” Mr. Shah added.

Mitsumi Distribution has heavily invested in recruiting skilled data scientists and engineers, showing its dedication to building an AI-enabled society in Africa. The workshop garnered significant interest from hospital representatives, recognizing AI’s potential to improve disease detection, streamline processes, and enhance patient care.

Through its AI initiative in the Middle East and Africa, Mitsumi Distribution is actively working to elevate African industries to global standards by collaborating with top global technology solution providers.

Executives and decision-makers from key healthcare providers like Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, Nairobi West Hospital, and Matter Hospital attended the workshop, highlighting its relevance and impact.

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