Equity Bank Kenya’s Impactful SME Loans

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Let’s look into the financial prowess of Equity Bank Kenya, a heavyweight in the East African financial scene. A financial powerhouse serving both individuals and businesses, with a whopping 80 percent of transactions zipping through their advanced mobile banking tech. But what sets them apart? Well, it’s the game-changing support they’re throwing behind local businesses, especially the often-neglected small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Despite Kenya flexing its economic muscles in the East African region, many local SMEs find themselves struggling to get the much-needed long-term loans. Equity Bank, on the other hand is on a mission to bridge this financial gap for SMEs. They’re not doing it solo, though. They’ve teamed up with heavyweights in the development finance scene to secure the capital needed for their SME-centric ventures.

DEG’s Tactical Backing

Back in 2019, DEG granted USD 100 million long-term loan for Equity Bank Kenya. DEG threw in a whopping USD 27.5 million themselves, and they had some big names joining the party – the French development rockstars at Proparco, the Swedish finance magicians at Swedfund, the Norwegian money maestros at Norfund, the European Financing Partners (EFP), and the EB-SME Finance Fund Emerging Markets.

Fast forward to the end of 2020, DEG invested another USD 100 million. This time round, it was backed by the EB-SME Finance Fund Emerging Markets, with DEG sliding in EUR 25 million. These funds became Equity Bank Kenya’s strong foundation to amplify their game in supporting local SMEs, now making up a whopping 60 percent of their business. And when the pandemic hit, Equity Bank didn’t just stand by; they became a lifeline for their customers, keeping the cash flowing and local jobs intact.

Beyond Banking Brilliance

Equity Bank Kenya isn’t just about moving money around. Their focus on SMEs goes beyond the balance sheets. They’re actively contributing to the economic resilience of their clients, helping them navigate the storm unleashed by the pandemic. By making funding accessible, Equity Bank isn’t just boosting local businesses; they’re also the unsung heroes preserving jobs and bringing stability after facing some serious curveballs.

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